As daring and curious as his music, he delves into fantasies to get the right inspiration.

Go on a journey with HOWE
Music speaks for itself and HOWE decided to tear down the archetypes of music production by stripping off the unnecessary. It's a blank canvas. The colours and the emotions of HOWE's music encourage you to follow your imagination, in a palette of stories yet to be told.
The piano steers the fluid electronic structure, in which the pursuit of harmony and rhythmic diversity plays a key role. Close your eyes and take a leap into a journey through different musical landscapes, led by the sound suggestions of the artist behind the mask.

Don't Step On The Snails

Howe's album is a kaleidoscope of feelings, narrated with the child's eye and the awareness of the coming age. Tales of desire, odds, fight and love meet on the path of formation. Like a diary found on a dusty bookshelf, you'll be told of stories of the recent past and yore, through the yellowed lens of and old camera.

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What people say?

Howe, an unidentified music producer form Bergamo, may not show his face, but he sure knows what he's doing. His first effort "Don't step on the snails" shows a refined prowess in mixing samples and personal touch, pushed efficiently to the delicate edge of taste.

Carlo Tonelato for Rockit.

What people say?

A mysterious producer lies beneath this moniker. The years spent in producing house music for famed labels like Snatch and Defected and the experience in managing a label brought him to strive for freedom, which he got by expressing himself behind a mask.

Claudia Maddaluno for DLSO.

What people say?

A pinch of Ambient, a hint of Post-Rock, add Electro and Cloud to taste. There's a piece of this and that in this colourful, yet coherent piece of beautifully devised self-expression, unrelated to the needs of the market.

Riccardo Di Marco for Parkett.

What people say?

Eight tracks stretching from electro to r'n'b through some jazzy influences. An album born to contrast the dull and soulless sound of the current mainstream music.

Veronica Eracleo for Mescalina.


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